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Why You Should Always Do a Post-Renovation Clean


Most homeowners in the US remodel their homes at some point. When you’re remodeling your home, you need to take care of plenty of things. From planning to sourcing materials, gathering the right tools, and execution. However, some people ignore post-renovation cleaning. To get your renovated home cleaned by professionals, search for “home cleaning services near me”. Let’s check out why you should always do a post-renovation cleanup:

The Reasons

  1. Dust Removal – This is always the primary reason for post-renovation cleanup. Renovation is a construction job, and any such job creates ample amounts of dust. It doesn’t just contain regular organic dust, but silica dust as well. If you think that dust isn’t a serious problem, think again.

Dust can cause serious respiratory problems, especially silica dust. Regularly breathing that kind of dust damages your lungs and develops long-term health issues. Apart from being hazardous to your health, it can also be a nuisance in daily life. Even if you sweep your floor, you’ll find more dust settling every day if it isn’t cleaned properly after the renovation work.

When dust isn’t cleaned properly, it can also make its way from the renovated room to other clean rooms via air vents. For instance, if you get your kitchen renovated and don’t take care of the dust, it may end up in other rooms. Dust after renovation work is also very difficult to remove from furniture, linens, and fabric in the room. Fine dust gets trapped in the fibers and you find yourself dusting your carpet even after months.

That’s why it’s best to hire professionals for the job. They have specialized tools for this kind of work and know which cleaning agents work best. They also have years of experience under their belt and know how to completely remove dust from every nook and corner in a renovated room.

  1. Window Cleaning – Windows and any kind of glass surface are a magnet for dust and dirt. If left as it is, the filthy layers are going to build up. It doesn’t just make for an unclean look but damages your windows and also allows less light into your home. If the build-up on the glass is left alone for cleaning later, you risk scratching the surface.

Moreover, your windows need both external and internal cleaning after the renovation work. Everything from the glass to the frame, joints, and hinges need to be cleaned so that they don’t hinder functionality.

  1. Debris disposal – Any kind of renovation or construction work will create a lot of debris. From construction materials to scraps of cut and resized surfaces, waste products, and a lot more. It’s important to dispose of all that debris safely without breaking any regulations. If you’re not careful about disposing of the debris properly at the right places you may get slapped with a heavy fine from the authorities.

Apart from that, debris also needs to be removed properly and requires certain specialized tools. Even if you get your home renovated by a construction company, they may not have the right tools to extract such debris. Similar to vacuum cleaners that have different types of nozzles for different-sized dust and dirt particles, specialized equipment is required to clean certain debris.

For instance, cleaning companies that specialize in post-renovation cleaning have industrial dry and wet vacuums that are very powerful and get the job done properly. They also take care of the disposal so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

  1. Floor cleaning – Floor cleaning is a big part of any post-renovation cleanup job. As mentioned above, renovation jobs create a lot of dust and debris, and they may be trapped in tricky locations. You’ve got a nightmare on your hands if you have soft flooring. Soft flooring traps those dirt and debris in the dense fibers. Even if you have hard flooring, you’re not doing yourself a favor if you have a well-textured surface. They are porous and easily stained.

You need to make sure to clean the floors properly to keep your floor new and shiny. While sweeping and mopping help, those aren’t enough. You need to get your floor deep cleaned. That means steaming hard flooring made of wood, stone, or ceramic and hot washing soft flooring like carpeted floors to get rid of dust trapped deep in the fibers.

  1. Clean vents and replace filters – A post-renovation cleanup also includes vent cleaning and replacement of filters. As mentioned above, a renovation job creates a lot of dust, and your HVAC system works in overdrive mode to constantly clean piles of dust. The filters get clogged with lint and become less efficient. Some even get damaged if the dust is excessive and beyond the capability of your system.

That’s why post-renovation cleaning jobs usually include cleaning the air vents and replacing the filters if necessary. Vents and filters need to be washed with warm soapy water and also disinfected to kill off any fungal spores and harmful bacteria.

  1. Professional cleaning – That’s why it’s very important to hire the services of a professional cleaning company for such a job. They have the right tools and special cleaning agents that have been proven to work most effectively for such jobs. You can save a lot of cash on quality cleaning supplies and those difficult to operate and expensive equipment.

You can also save a lot of time and money. While you need several days to properly do a post-renovation cleanup, professionals with the right tools, training, and experience can do it within a few hours. You can use your renovated home quickly and get back to work as fast as possible.


As you can see, doing post-renovation cleanup is very important since it makes your home neat and feel fresh and gives you a more hospitable environment. It’s best to get your post-renovation cleanup done by professionals since they have the necessary experience and expertise. You can hire reputed professionals for the job by searching for “home cleaning services near me”.

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