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What you Might Not Know About A  3-Stage Reverse Osmosis System

A 3-stage system for the home water treatment of your family’s drinking water should be a requirement, but you won’t hear that from the water companies. In my area, there are new purification systems being installed all the time. Most of them use what is called multi-stage selective filtration. In order to have your water tested to determine what your current system is, I recommend that you contact your local water company. They will give you a copy of the testing report and tell you what the next step is.

If you want pure blue bottled water, you can trust them, but if you want to buy a faucet filter, I would suggest that you go with a multi-stage system that includes granular carbon and an ion exchange at the same time. It will be more effective than anything that uses just reverse osmosis. If you want to take that step further, you can have a point-of-use activated carbon filter as well. This will further reduce the chemicals that are entering your home.

Reverse osmosis systems were designed to clean dirt and other particulates from your water. But there are also some things in our water that we want to be sure do not get into our bodies. Chlorine is one of these things. If we are consistently exposed to high levels of chlorine in our water, we can develop cancer. Although this is mostly found in public water supplies, bottled water can still contain traces of this chemical. The pure blue liquid we are looking for does not contain chlorine, so why bother filtering it?

Multi-stage purifiers will include both granular carbon and an ion exchange at the same time. The granular carbon will trap the chemicals and toxins in the water, while the ion exchange membrane separates the positive and negative ions. This will make the water less acidic and therefore less harmful to drink. The pure blue fluid will be left in the unit and carried out of the property.

This is a very effective and advanced filtration system. If you want to spend the money on this system, you can be confident that you are getting a good quality product. Reverse osmosis works by forcing water under high pressure through a thin film or membrane. As water flows past the membrane, the molecules of minerals and other chemicals are separated. The simplest form of this process is by using a small and simple pump that separates the granular carbon from the water. Multi-stage filtration devices use a series of filters to ensure that all of the different components of water are removed.

A reverse osmosis system is not designed for your household needs. If you have a large family, it is better to install this system into your home so that all of the household chemicals would be filtered. However, if you just have a family with a little child or a couple of adults, then this system may be sufficient for your purposes. If you want to get pure blue fluid for drinking, cooking, and brushing your teeth, then this type of filtration is good enough for your purposes. It is always better to check with a professional if you have any concerns regarding your family’s health.

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