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Tips To Make Your Home Summer-Ready   

Summer is a season of light and happiness. This season is perfect for freshening up your home’s appearance and bringing in some cool accents to escape the oppressive heat. Using heavy curtains, closing the windows, and drawing the curtains at 11 a.m. is the simplest way to keep a house cool. To keep the space cool, consider blinds and bamboo curtains. Small pots filled with water can be placed in the corners of the room to help cool it down, especially if there is a breeze.

Summer has here, along with the accompanying heatwave! So, before you go all out and buy air conditioners and coolers, keep in mind that they will only chill you down, not the climate in your home. Interiors that are suffocated and packed can feel hotter than the outside. So, as the mercury rises, here are the top 16 summer home design ideas to make your home feel fresh, inviting, and energetic.

  1. Take care of your garden

Choose summer-friendly plants such as Begonia, Sweet Pea, and Petunia. Water the roots rather than the leaves to guarantee a healthy garden. Also, be sure to add compost or potting mix on a regular basis.

  1. Make room in your house

To create a light and airy atmosphere, arrange your furniture towards the wall. Also, keep your windows open to bring in the fresh air; this will provide you with a breathable room and allow you to move around freely, avoiding a claustrophobic aspect.

  1. Make your indoors more enjoyable

When summer arrives, it’s time to shift gears from a cosy atmosphere to something more energising. As a result, put the candles and silk arrangements away. Add a playful aspect to your home with glass vases, coloured glass dishes, and paper lampshades.

  1. De-clutter and organise your home

Put your winter things away and organise your summer wardrobe in your freshly cleaned closet. Clear up your cupboards and get rid of anything you don’t use.

  1. Create a bright and light environment

Replace heavy drapes and window curtains with ones that let in plenty of natural light. Replace the throw pillows and slipcovers in your living room with brightly coloured textiles. Remember to put any thick or furry rugs away as well.

Of course, if all that summer redecorating doesn’t appeal to you, simply relocate to Embassy Springs, Bangalore’s largest and best-planned city. It’s not just a haven for nature lovers, but it’s also a great place to call home for the summer.

  1. Natural materials can be used to spruce up your home

Cotton is by far the best natural fabric for bedding, cushion covers and sofas in the summer, followed by linen. “These textiles are ‘breathable’ and have excellent insulating capabilities, so you can stay cool even when it’s scorching outside.” Natural materials are not only good for your skin, but they are also good for the environment. Changing the bed linen according to the season also adds to the ambiance,” Dhanraj adds.

  1. Materials with a Low Profile

Whether it’s a wooden floor, natural stones, a cane or rattan chair, bed-sheets on natural textures, these simple elements provide an instant relaxing effect. Use a jute washing bag instead of a boxy black planter to create the impression of being outside while still retaining an urban setting.

  1. Baths with energising floral scents

One of the best ways to beat the summer heat is to take a floral bath. Fill it with blossoms and greenery from the outside. Citrus components and fresh eucalyptus leaves can help you feel rejuvenated and at ease.

  1. Outlines that are curved

Use softly curved silhouettes to emphasise your space when renovating or designing your home. Curves are soothing and welcome in any setting, and this shape may be found in your sofas, headboards, and walls. Scalloped chairs are likewise bold, with crisp lines that contrast and enhance the area.

  1. Wallpapers and paintings of flowers

Tropical designs are always in style. If it’s too bold, look for floral-inspired paintings that bring the outside feel inside. The gentle elegance of abstract floral or even simple floral designs is added.

  1. Scents of Summer

Using your sense of smell to its full potential can be a powerful aphrodisiac! You can achieve this by bringing in fresh flowers and plants, as well as candles and wall diffusers. Fruity smells with a hint of vanilla and coconut are ideal for the hot summer months. Using diverse smells might help you relax and bring back memories.

  1. Coolers in towers

For the melting heat, these are undoubtedly one of your greatest investments. Gone are the days of the unsightly standing fans, and you may now employ technologically modern, slimmer devices that complement your decor.

  1. A Water Dispenser is a device that distributes water

To get you through the heat, a water element is a must! You don’t, however, require a spectacular waterfall. All you need is a clear water dispenser, which is both aesthetically pleasing and peaceful. Fill it with rose sangria, lemon, cucumber, mint leaves, or lemon, cucumber, and mint leaves.

  1. A Cool Breeze in a Neutral Color

Summertime conjures us images of the beach, the water, and the muted, vibrant aquatic life. Use cool, relaxing tones with delicate flashes of colour to match the scene. The beautiful summer palette is soft blues, and a dusted rose with white or beige. If you are not fond of too much colour, you can go with bold white walls, adding that muted coolness to a space.

  1. Vintage Elements in a Colorful Glass Décor

A few rustic and antique pieces in a modern environment with vibrant glass pieces are extremely fashionable. With strong and light statements, colourful vases, glass bottles, or any glass piece adds a lot of individuality to the area.

  1. Fragrance is important

Bring in summer aromas such as citrus, fruits, and relaxing flower scents to your home. Candles and diffusers are ideal for keeping on hand to keep the house feeling light and breezy.

Turn your home into your own summer resort with these easy décor hacks. As the heatwave alert has been blown into many states of the country, it becomes imperative to stage your home as the safe zone for your family and loved ones. These décor hacks and tips, accompanied with the right beverages and refreshments, make your home ready for the ultimate summer indoor stay.

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