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Servicing a Stair Lift – What You Need to Know

Stair lifts are motorised, so you need to understand that there’s an entire system running in the background that keeps the machinery working smoothly. If you do not maintain the stair lift properly and get it serviced from time to time, it’s going to cause you a myriad of different problems. You need to service the stair lift regularly to ensure all parts are working smoothly. Some of the parts that need servicing are as follows:

  • The motor
  • The ball bearings
  • The chain

Getting a stairlift service in Banbury is pretty easy, and there are many companies that offer home servicing to their clients. Here’s what you need to know about getting the stair lift serviced.

When Should You Get It Serviced?

How frequently should you get the stair lift serviced? Ideally, you should get the stair lift serviced at least once a year, and if it is used frequently, you should service it twice a year. Regular servicing will get rid of all niggling issues and will also prolong the life of the stair lift.

How to Find the Right Servicing Company

It’s important that you hire the right people for the servicing. You can search online for different companies in the area that offer servicing, and they will send a team to your place for servicing the stair lift. They offer different kinds of packages so it’s best if you choose one that best fits your needs.

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