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Reasons You Should Grow Crab Apples

Crab apple trees used to be grown in many of our gardeners. For some reason, they went out of fashion. Maybe it has to do with the fact that the crab apple is a rather small apple. But even if you have a small garden, it is one of the fruit trees for sale that you should consider buying. These small apples really do pack a punch.

Reasons You Should Grow Crab Apple Trees In Your Garden

Did you know that crab apple trees attract more pollinators than other trees? The declining honey bee population is often in the news these days. If we all grew more fruit trees, we could all help to support the bees. Next you are shopping online, check out fruit trees for sale, and you will come across many growers who are also honey bee farmers.

Crab apples are one of the best fruit trees that you can grow when you want to attract pollinators to your garden, They produce an abundance of flowers inviting honey bees to feed on their nectar. Most fruit tree growers, will tell you that crab apple trees are the best trees to grow to improve the yield of other fruit trees.

Crab apples contain more pectin than other apples. This is why they make great jams and jellies. Traditionally, the British Isles are home to crab tree jelly. It is delicious and tastes great with many classical British dishes.

Crab Apples Are Extremely Disease Free

Compared to other varieties of apple trees, a crab apple tree is almost disease free. It is one of the hardiest and easiest trees that you can grow in any garden. Apart from regular pruning and feeding, your crab apple tree in your garden is not going to need a lot of attention.

Crab apple blossoms smell great. When your trees flower in the spring time, you should certainly consider bringing in a couple of branches to enjoy the blossoms amazing scent in your home.

Are there different varieties of crab apples? Yes, a grower will be able to give you advise on the best crab apple trees to grow in your garden.

Most gardeners who grow crab apples are passionate about them. They love to enjoy the many different delicacies that you can make from crab apples. Once you start growing your own trees, you will soon be joining the many thousands of fans of crab apples.

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