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Matt Davies Stockton Discusses What to Do with a Tree Stump in Your Garden


According to Matt Davies Stockton, you have two choices when you bring down a tree and leave with a stump. You can choose to grind it down into wood chips and dig out the roots to clear the land or use the tree stump in more creative ways. Let’s check out what you can do with a tree stump in your garden.

The Discussion

  1. Planter – One of the least committing ways to use a tree trump is to turn it into a planter. You can plant your favorite flowering plants on the stump itself and grant it new life. To do that, you need to hollow out the stump and fill the bottom with gravel or grit. Moreover, you can drill a couple of holes deeper through the trunk into the ground to help improve drainage.

Apart from that, you can fill up the stump with potting soil and grow your favorite plant. Apart from looking marvelous, the growing plant will have ample access to nutrients as the tree stump breaks down over time. The same holds for the soil underground as the root network of the old tree breaks down. This is one of the least invasive ways of growing a new tree or plant in the old spot.

  1. Turn it into furniture – You can also cut off the stump from the ground and turn it into indoor or outdoor furniture. The stump is the oldest part of the tree and has exquisite growth rings and beautiful patterns. When you bring it home and sand it down, it looks amazing even without the use of varnish.

The stump will have its own unique character with pores, holes, and cracks at various spots. That adds personality and makes the stump a unique furniture piece that can’t be bought out of a store. If you’re planning to use the stump as an outdoor table or seat, make sure to clean the stump thoroughly, make the necessary cosmetic changes and seal it with protective wood oil or varnish.

  1. Carve or sculpt it – If you’re a skilled artist or know someone who is good at wood carving, a tree stump is a perfect opportunity to create an amazing outdoor sculpture. If carved or sculpted the right way, it can take the spotlight and become the showstopper of your yard.

However, unlike other options, this one won’t be cheap. A skilled wood sculptor would need to plan out the sculpture and spend days or even weeks carving the stump bit by bit to bring your vision to life. However, it’s worth the extra money to commission such an artist since you get a unique outdoor focal point that will be cherished by your family for several years into the future.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you use one of the ideas mentioned above or allow your creative juices to come up with a completely new use for tree stumps. It’s much better than digging out your yard and risking damaging a few utility lines.

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