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Mark Roemer Oakland the Best Luxury Fixtures to Boost Investment Value


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, installing luxury fixtures and fittings is one of the best ways to improve the value of your home. The correct luxury fixtures and fittings not only improve the overall decor and look of your home but also improve its resale value and enable you to get the maximum value when selling it in the future.

The Fixtures

Here are some of the best luxury fixtures and fittings that help to boost the value of investment:

  1. Smart and energy-efficient upgrades – Energy-efficient upgrades are a smart investment since they not only allow you to conserve energy and save money but boosts the value of your home. These include smart thermostats that enable zoned heating and cooling, quality insulation, and energy efficient windows and doors.

It is also recommended that you invest in appliances with 5-star energy star rating smart appliances that run on low-power.

  1. Luxury bathroom fixtures and fittings – The bathroom is one of the few places where luxury fixtures and fittings truly shine. You renovate your old bathroom and replace the showerhead, taps, bathroom mat, towel racks, light fixtures, and drawer handles quickly and by spending less money compared to doing a total bathroom renovation.

The decor of your bathroom should reflect the style of your home such as traditional or a modern style. Also, ensure that the fixtures and fittings are functional as well. For instance, you can add stone countertops, luxury toilets, plenty of storage, radiant heat floors, sauna or steam shower, and walk-in showers.

  1. Luxury light fixtures and fittings – Luxury lighting fixtures and fittings can make a world of difference in your home and dictate the mood and ambiance inside the property. Thus, it’s always a good idea to invest in some quality lighting fixtures such as an elegant collection of lamp and lamp shades, wall and ceiling light fixtures that exude a cozy vibe, modern pendant lighting to add a sleek and glamorous look, and more.

You can also add chandeliers that offer excellent illumination, scones to compliment the primary lighting, recessed lighting to create a clean and streamlined look, and more.

  1. Built-in storage units – Built-in storage units are one of the most functional luxury features that you can add to your home. Built-in wardrobes offer a modern feel and aesthetic and allows you to utilize the room space smartly. Plus, it also has phenomenal extra storage space so that you never have a shortage of space to store your favorite items and garments.

Coupled with the fact that you can seamlessly blend them with the decor of your home and even attach full-length luxurious mirrors on them, these are a worthwhile investment.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you hang a few creative wall art in your living room and bedrooms to mold the ambiance and theme in your own touch. The most beautiful arts not only make your home feel more luxurious but also improve the resale value of the home.

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