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How to Stop Ant Infestation

When you see more ants than usual roaming around your house, leaving trails behind all around your home. Mostly the ants are seen moving in big groups or clusters and are likely to be found in the corners or the dark areas of the house. If such things are witnessed in your home then you are likely dealing with an ant infestation. To know more, click here. 

Ants usually enter our houses to get food and shelter. To speak more precisely, ants are fond of small amounts of food like pet food crumbs or sweeteners,  and this can lead to Ant Infestation. 

Ways to Stop Ant Infestation at Home 

  • Using Chalks  

Chalks are a great way to keep the ants out of your homes. Calks have calcium carbonate, an agent that ants can not stand. Sprinkle chalk power at the places where you have noticed an infestation. You can also draw lines in the entryways to prevent them from entering. 

  • Using Pepper 

Ants love sugar but they do not like the taste of pepper. You can make a solution of pepper and water and spray them in the entranceway where you are suspecting the ants to get in. This will ensure that the ants are kept away from your house.

  • Using Lemons 

Squeezing a lemon can be helpful. Or, you can put lemon peels in the areas which are the entry points for the ants. You can also clean the areas with a little amount of juice mixed with water. Ants don’t like the smell of lemon and try to maintain distance from it. Lemon contains citric acid which the ants keep themselves away from. Anything sour or bitter is the ant’s enemy and all sweet stuff is their best friend. Try to keep your kitchen as clean as possible and place lemon peels in your kitchen. 

  • Using Turmeric Powder

The good old Indian spice turmeric powder is also a natural ant-repellent. You can spread it over the infested areas to get rid of the ants. But it is highly suggested to avoid it if you have a white interior, turmeric has a very bad reputation for staining. 

To sum up, these are some of the ways you can get rid of ants. However, if you are looking for the best possible solution, getting in touch with a professional pest control service provider is the most feasible option. 

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