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Creating a Peaceful Living Environment in Your Next Home

With the kids out of the house, this next move provides an opportunity to design your living space for true rejuvenation. The calm, relaxing environment you create can help lower stress, boost well-being, and allow you to embrace your new empty nester lifestyle.

Minimize Clutter and Noise

A chaotic, messy space filled with toys, homework, and teen clutter is a thing of the past. Take this chance to downsize possessions you no longer need and pare them down to just your most valued items. When setting up bedrooms, living areas, and other living zones, keep surfaces clean and streamlined rather than overloaded with decor and knickknacks.

Soundproofing also affects peacefulness. Choose quiet spaces away from noisy roads and neighbors if possible. Think about adding things like thick window coverings, area rugs, and insulation that absorb ambient noise.

Maximize Natural Light

There is just something inherently calming about the sun’s rays streaming through a bright, airy room. As you’re house hunting, pay close attention to factors like large window placement, curtain styles that let in ample daylight, open floor plans, and outdoor patio/deck areas. When possible, set up your most-used living spaces and work zones to benefit from mood-boosting natural light throughout the day.

Emphasize Colors for Serenity

The role of color psychology is crucial in creating a relaxing environment. Look for soothing shades of blue, green, lavender, tan and other muted tones when selecting your home’s exterior and interior paint palettes. According to the good folk over at Jamestown Estate Homes, some estate homes come with these serene color schemes already in place. You can further enhance the effect by incorporating colored accent pillows, throws, wall art and area rugs.

Make it Green

Bridging the outdoors inside is an easy way to boost positive energy and tranquility. Open up backyard views from kitchen windows. Place potted plants and small succulent gardens throughout living areas, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Adding some greenery helps purify indoor air while creating peaceful natural scenery without leaving home.

Minimize Multi-Tasking Areas

Houses often have that one “catchall” room used simultaneously for cooking, watching TV, paying bills, working on hobbies, and more. These multi-purpose spaces can quickly start feeling chaotic and unrestful. In your new home, try designating unique rooms or zones for specific activities and single purposes only. Having distinct kitchen, living room, office, and craft spaces makes it easier to focus peacefully on one thing at a time.

Add Meaningful Touches

Incorporate special decor, furnishings, and keepsakes that are significant to you and your life journey. For instance, display a treasured sculpture, accent pillows in your wedding colors, artwork created by a child, or a cozy armchair you have had for decades. Surrounding yourself with personal items evokes joyful memories and creates a comforting atmosphere, essential for a peaceful home.

Create Outdoor Havens

Look for a property that facilitates outdoor living and includes secluded spaces where you can enjoy nature’s sights, sounds and scents. A lush garden patio or dreamy backyard with fountains, plush seating and shade trees provides a true sanctuary for relaxation, meditation, or entertaining guests in a tranquil environment.


With some intentional planning, your next house can become a resplendent private retreat that finally feels like the permanent peaceful haven you have craved after so many years of busyness. Creating a tranquil oasis allows you to truly relax, recharge, and revel in this new stage of life. As you thoughtfully design and set up your home for maximum calm, you are giving yourself the gift of daily peacefulness; something that will pay dividends for your overall wellbeing in the years ahead.

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