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Can you change HOA rules? – Click here to know more.

Where at times HOAs and Condos feel no less some heaven, at other times they feel no less some hell. We get left thinking if this is the life that we had dreamt of! The rules that try bringing harmony within HOA, those same rules become too harsh sometimes. They start to nip upon our happiness. But what can we do about it? Rules are rules after all. Or are they not!? Many homeowners association management and condos won’t tell you about it. But the truth is that you can if you follow some basics, says Worth Ross! Click here to know more about Worth Ross if you want to know the ways it works! This article will reveal to you the ways in which you can challenge the very rules that bound you.

Procedure for changing the HOA rules!

Consider this situation – The HOA was formed some 30 years back having the rules apt for those years. But times change and they demand evolution alongside. It might be too hard and harsh for someone to live according to those rules. Can’t they change then? Of course, they can. And this is just one situation. There could be other cases too that may seem reasonable enough to induce a change. So, how to do it?

Steps for making amendments!

Every CC&R holds the procedures in which rules can be changed. Check the CC&R of your HOA or Condo and make a note of the process. This will help you avoid any legal flaw.

Start with a proposal

Now once you have read the CC&R, it is time to start with a proposal. A change should be communed firstly, either to the board or the homeowners association management company. This will be discussed if the change is reasonable or is just a thought of a few people upon chugs of beer.

It then goes to a meeting

The meeting will be held to discuss the change and its possible implications that could be there. If the board decides that the change is reasonable, they may proceed with it further. Sometimes the board might not agree but you want the change. In such a case, you can move to higher authorities and hold voting. If the majority agrees then the rule could be changed.

Vote! Vote! and Vote!

Then it all comes down to the voting part. Make sure the required number of people are present to vote. If CC&R requires a number and it is not followed, the voting would be thought null and void. Days of voting could be extended if all the members can’t come available on one single day. Then the vote gets counted. The rule goes for a change If the majority agrees.


Now the change of rule has to be documented in the official documents and CC&R. This is the most important part. Apart from it, the changes must be communicated to the people living in the community. This is all.

Worth Ross says that people must be known to the rights they hold as a resident. Make sure you read the proper documentation before entering into an HOA. Also, be known to the different rights you can have alongside the different duties. Worth Ross has been offering management services for years. Click here to know more about Worth Ross and how they nourish HOAs, Condos, Mixed-Use Buildings, etc. with care, diligence, and expertise.

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