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Are Black Faucets Going Out of Style?

There are always changing trends in the world of kitchen design and homeowners often aren’t sure what options to go for in order to stay in style. Thankfully there are some timeless classic choices that they can make which will ensure that their kitchens look awesome for many years to come. In the last decade we have seen a huge rise in people opting for black kitchen taps, and black faucets for bathrooms and laundries. As style ebbs and flows, many will question whether or not this tap choice is still in style.

The basic answer is that these taps are not going out of style any time soon, and here is exactly why.

Neutral Option

Black works with just about any color and texture style which you can consider, making it the perfect neutral color for a kitchen or bathroom. Black bath taps for example look incredible with stone baths, acrylic baths and porcelain options too. No matter what general theme you are looking for, black faucets will combine perfectly.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The reason why so many have been purchasing black kitchen mixers and black bathroom sink taps in recent years is because the color is so aesthetically pleasing. This is not something which is going to change in a hurry and this is exactly why black is here to stay.

No Surface Mess

One of the issues that so many people have with stainless steel taps is that they leave fingerprints very easily and you can see grime after use. With black taps, this is just not the case. This for example is why many like to use black laundry taps, as they are so heavily used for cleaning dirty clothes and other items. The textures used for black taps mean that very little dirt and human oils are left on the surface, which again is why they are so popular.

Pricy Appearance

Even if your black bathroom taps cost the same as a brushed metal tap, the general appearance is that they are more expensive. We all want to try and get the most out of our money when we redecorate and being able to add a reasonably priced item that looks more expensive that its price tag, is appealing to everyone.

Highly Durable

Black taps are usually made with a matte surface that is highly resistant. This means that they are unlikely to get scratched over time, and we have already mentioned the fact that dirt rarely stays on the material. This quality ensures that black faucets are highly durable and long lasting. Yet again this is a clear reason that these taps are not going to go out of style, because this is a benefit that everyone is looking for in their tapware choice.

If you are renovating your kitchen, laundry or your bathroom black faucets are always a great option. Not only do they look great, they also have excellent functionality and come in a range of variations from mixers to traditional taps. With regards to what is in style, this option is certainly a timeless classic which we cannot ignore.

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