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5 Ways To Quickly Increase Your Home’s Value

Seeing your home rise in value is always a positive experience, even for those not actively looking to see their property placed on the market. While this increase can happen naturally, as markets become stronger or demand in a certain area increases, there are a number of ways that residents can actively improve their homes and their property value.

Some residents will take to renovating a property over time, gradually improving each room, adding features that are sought-after or that improve the functionality of a living space. Others will seek out simple additions, especially if they are looking to sell their property on a deadline. Both types of improvement have the potential for benefit and a positive return on investment, and there are even quick ways that a great deal of value can be added to a property.

Create A Home Office

Spare rooms are used for a number of reasons but one of the most currently desirable is the home office, fuelled in popularity by a shift toward remote working. While conversions or attics and cellars work well for this purpose, they are seldom quick processes, nor are they low-cost. Spare rooms, however, can be easily designed or amended to host an office space, even if it is modular in its design, with furniture acting as both a professional space and a guest room.

Increase Light

Brightness, especially that which comes from natural light, improves the perception of space and the comfort of a home, both of which improve value. Replacing windows is a relatively quick renovation task and can allow for a greater amount of light to enter a home. If you’re looking to add even more light and value, however, be sure to try bi-fold doors!

Garden Guest House

The potential to offer guests a private room, as well as to earn income from private stays, makes log cabins a hugely desirable asset in a property. Garden cabins can be fitted to meet a number of design needs including, again, home office spaces, but bring the most benefit as guest homes. They can be easily installed and then designed in such a way that complements a garden’s aesthetic.

Go Solar

Solar panels are now one of the best purchases for a home. In addition to a significant reduction in energy costs, which is increasingly more desirable as energy prices rise, they are more affordable and more efficient than ever, with installations being fuss-free. Their popularity also makes them a point of interest for those shopping the housing market too.

New Coats, New Colours

If you ask an estate agent how to quickly add value to a home they will most likely tell you to paint it. New paint, as well as new colours, not only boosts the appeal of living space with a feeling of freshness but also offer the opportunity for homeowners to demonstrate the care they put into a property, potentially also showcasing styles that suit modern trends too.

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